October2017-Key 0-The Fool

I Am Faith Personified!

Our last draw was Key I-The Magician who reminded us that we are the masters of our emotional and intellectual nature. We may either become the conduit that draws its inspiration from a resource that is limitless in its power for change or we can choose to turn away from that power and in the place of discipline allow the magick to rule us.

Tarot Key 0 – The Fool

I am the bridge between completion and new beginnings.
I stand at the precipice of the world, willing,
ready and able to take that leap of faith.

About this Key:

The Tarot Key 0- The Fool is the first of the Major Arcana cards. This key is the zero of creation and the limitless source of all life. The Fool moves forth trusting that all will be as it should and that there is no need to fear stepping into the unknown. The energy is that of ultimate faith and from the vision of this faith all barriers are removed and the Divine flow steps into the potential of its own being.

The trust and faith that is inherent in the Fool can be drawn upon as the challenges and grief in the world crowds in. We are called to remember the power that we have and and free will and choice. When we honor that power we are able to overcome doubts and fear and move forward trusting our experience.

Rider-Waite Symbols:

The image of the Fool is one of an elegant and carefree nature. No worries in the world or concerns for the end goal are markers of this car. The Fool looks out and beyond, rather than down and appears poised and ready to step off what appears to be a cliff. The point of this “cliff” is that we really don’t know how far down the fall would be or iff from the limited perspective we see this may simply be a drop off to a much nearer slope of ground than is imagined.

The Sun is pure and brilliant white with the sky being the traditional sun imagery of yellow. Esoterically the color yellow aligns with either the Earth (yellow fields) or Air (the mental process). This support behind the Fool of the white Sun could be interpreted as the light of the Divine. The light body of purity and illumination. If we use the yellow of mind, the Fool is cloaked in the mental process that evolves once it allows awareness of the Light of self to support all the “next steps” taken.

The white rose is yet another call to the opening of the self, in devotion and purity. The rose,  a symbol of love, is offered to what may follow the Fool in the journey of no steps taken in a leap of faith.

The staff slung carelessly over the Fool’s shoulder holds a purse, perhaps filled with coin and everything needed for the journey ahead. Traveling light is the point here and the knowledge that all will be provided for. And, man’s best friend, a playful white dog follows at his heels. Obedience and unconditional trust and love are the keynotes of this four-legged companion.

Practical Application:

Tarot Key O-The Fool resonates with finding courage and acting on the strength of faith. The number  “O” is one of cycles, endings and beginnings. It is the limitless source from whence everything emerged. It is the number of the Divine in all of its forms and the possibilities that flow from that place of creation.

In many studies of Tarot you will find the meanings of the Major Arcana cards told using the “The Fool’s Journey” as the starting point that descries the interconnectedness and relationship of one card to the other. This attribution allows us to create our own story of our personal journey of faith and understanding.

The last draw of the Magician required us to step into our mantle of power and the responsibility that comes with that mantle. The Magician reminded us that we are the masters of our emotional and intellectual nature. We may either become the conduit that draws its inspiration from a resource that is limitless in its power for change or we can choose to turn away from that power and in the place of discipline allow the magick to rule us.

The focus now is on how we move through the world and not only where that adventure will take us, but with what attitude we choose to approach, even what appears to be the unsurmountable.  How do you walk with grace and trust that any fall from that grace will not be the final steps taken? Take a moment to pause and look behind you to see the brilliance of what provides your support. Take a moment to look down and despite the descent continue to move forward knowing that every beginning has an ending and in every ending there is the power of faith’s new creation.

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A Little Bit About Numbers


Nothing and everything
The endless void fills all time

One moves in the silence
Stretching and reaching
Towards the other as two
Swiftly take flight.

They mingle and join
Each claiming their own side
So three may point the way.
Each base stretched far and wide.

Foundations are laid
By another close at hand
Who opens the four sealed gates.
Disruption and creative force
Issues forth as the skillfully crafted
Shield of focus reflects the five.

The light is fixed
The seeker is found
As outpour of healing grace
Gives way to the
Harmonious six.

Each walks a path of experience
Pulling and gathering from
Vista’s extremes.
Wisdom and lessons hard won
Fill what moves within.

As six expands to become seven
The meandering web that
Connects becomes entwined.

A continuum of dual
Portal opening and eight
The final climax of force contained.

Like amoebas they move and
Wiggle and stretch and pull
And strain until the
Tension and release
Catapult them over
The initiatory threshold of
Death’s nine gates.

All scatter and disperse
Once again seamlessly
Part of the void of the all

Once again the singular one rises
Reaching out towards its
Newly quickened mate.

0      Cycles, void, the limitless ALL, womb of creation and the Gate of the Divine;

1      The singular “I”, the individual, the line of continuum, energy held and gathered back to itself;

2      Collaborative effort, moving beyond the “I” to “we”, duality and polarity that results;

3      The point of trinity or third that is created from the friction and combined effort of the two;

4      Opening the point of support to a place of foundation, equanimity and force in a balanced state;

5      The shield whose tip may be directed by Will to disrupt, change and set in motion;

6      Doubled trinity, intersecting energies of descent and ascent, mirrored image of creative product;

7      Carrying forward the lessons learned, the paths taken and the reconvening of the triune

8      The lemniscates, foundation (4) uplifted to become the container, receipt and release;

9      Threshold /gate to endings and completion with potential for new fully informed beginnings.